We have a story. Here is it.

We live in Canada known for its breathtakingly beautiful nature. We love canoeing and backpacking. We love camping.

Planning, planning and even more planning

There's a whole bunch of stories of misadventures. We had them, too. At best, it is embarrassing. At worst, it's deadly. One thing you want to do is planning.

The first thing is you should know the places you are going to. Another one is to double check everything that is packed and nothing left behind.

Web service, designed for nature lovers

We designed a lightweight, smart and easy to use web service. It provides you the maps for planning and a checklist for packing.

Packing list

Gear list is auto generated depending on your plans, destination point, weather forecast and your personal preferences. The more you travel, the better it matches you!

We also serve the maps

The maps is yet one more thing to be proud of. It is tailored to meet the outdoors enthusiast needs, and has all stuff like parks and access points. It is also designed to allow all users to contribute the maps, keep it accurate and up-to-date, to gain benefits of the power of community!

Do camping with us!

We use the service ourselves, and we think it's too cool to keep it private. More users means more input, which means the better service for everybody. You're welcome to join!

Sign up now!

If you are interested to try the service, then please and welcome to the party!